Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Let's Adopt! A start-up questionnaire

Where does one start when considering adoption?

Complete our start-up questionnaire in full & summit.

We will be in contact with all the relevant information.



The purpose of adoption is to find a family for a vulnerable child in need of permanency. A child is only becoming available for adoption once the legal assessment has been completed

Profile of children currently in the Abba Specialist Adoptions-system in need of adoption:
  • Predominately black South African children
  • Because we need to first finalize the legal assessment, children ready for matching is mostly between 6 and 18 months old – we also have a few children between the age of 3 and 6 years awaiting matching
  • Health status vary from healthy to minor and severe special needs
  • We have experienced that more boys become available for adoption

Need/legal requirements for adoptive parents:
*  People believing that children belong in families and that you can be a good parent! There’s no perfect profile!

*  You can discuss your preferences and wishes and we will give you realistic feedback and insight
*  Black same race and inter-race applicants
*  You need to be a SA-citizen or have permanent SA-residency over the age of 18 and without any criminal/sexual record
*  It is important that prospective adoptive parents are healthy and have a normal life expectancy
*  If applicants are married, the relationship should be stable
*  Single applicants must demonstrate that they have a good support system
*  Be willing to complete the legally required screening process and internal preparation course

How do I start the process?
1.      Read through these quick facts, complete the Let’s adopt!-questionnaire, return it to    Abba Adoptions via e-mail or fax, and one of our social workers will contact you.
2.     Orientation session, where all the details of the process will be discussed and questions  answered.
3.     If you decide to continue with the process, complete all application forms received at  orientation session in full & return to Abba Adoptions.

How long does the adoption process takes?
·         3.jpgThe screening process will take around 6 months after which you will be invited for a    preparation group to equip and prepare you to deal with the adoption journey.
·        After preparation and home visit, you will be placed on the waiting list until there is a  suitable match
·        The court finalization and registration of the adoption could take up to 2 years – at least  the child will already be in your care so the bonding process can start.

What does an adoption cost?
·        The charge of a reasonable fee is mandated by the Act and in absence of full subsidy  from government, an unfortunate reality.  These regulations prescribe the allowed hourly  rate for professional services rendered as part of your process, i.e. therapeutic    sessions, court attendance, administration and after care
·        An income based sliding scale is applied to national adoption applicants where  applicable.  This will be discussed in your orientation session.
·        Actual costs for your legally required medical assessments, travel costs of the social  worker in provinces where we do not receive subsidy will be discussed.   
·        We want to assure you that we will take your financial position into consideration and  not deny a child a family due to your ability to make a contribution towards the service

Abba Specialist Adoptions service points and contact details:

Gauteng and Mpumalanga:

Frieda Tanton –
Margaret Nhlanhla –
Leonie Greyling –
Western Cape:

Blanche Engelbrecht:
Albie Jackson –
North West:

Heidi Laubsher –
Sonto Twala –

Santie Oberholzer –
Motshedisi Semenya –
Eastern Cape:
Denise Douglas Henry –
Northern Cape
Marianna van der Westhuizen–

We are looking forward to welcome you in our program!