Monday, 20 July 2015

LETTER: Madonna’s act of love

Dee Blackie, A child protection activist, responds to an article in the Business Day.

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Friday, 10 July 2015


Originally appeared in Daily Maverick on the  09 JUL 2015 10:10 (SOUTH AFRICA)
Around 3,500 children are abandoned in South Africa annually. News of yet another child found dead or left in a precarious position elicits strong public condemnation and emotion. Public consensus on the issue of child abandonment generally provokes a knee-jerk response to blame and demonise mothers. But despite our deeply felt beliefs, research has indicated that while abandonment affects individuals, it is often as a result of wider socio-economic factors and ultimately, politics.
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

MANDELA DAY, 18 JULY 2015 - Abba's Wishlist

If you want to get involved by making things a little bit easier for personnel at the Abba offices, herewith our current wishlist:
  • For outside/garden counselling area: outdoor garden table & chairs and a big garden umbrella (preferably NOT plastic)
  • For inside counselling area: dry walling to be installed, making 1 room into 2 smaller rooms
  • Wall-mounted heaters
  • Printer
  • Small projector to be used during training & presentations
  • 18 channel switchboard with 4 incoming lines
  • Carpentry services – building of book shelves & office cabinets
For more information please contact Lize on e-mail: