Thursday, 20 October 2016


South Africa has one of the highest rates of orphans in the world, with a fifth of all South African children homeless and more than half a million in the foster care system.

Despite these startling numbers, adoptions have decreased dramatically over the past decade and many wanting to adopt are discouraged by the belief that the process is too difficult and too costly, resulting in hundreds, even thousands, of children never getting their promise of a forever family.

On World Adoption Day, 9 November 2016, we will be celebrating the beautiful act of love  -  giving an orphaned child a forever family!

Everyone and anyone can join in creating awareness of adoption on World Adoption Day by...

·         Drawing a smiley face on your hand
·         Take a picture
·         Share on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
·         Remember to hashtag  -   #WORLDADOPTIONDAY
·         Let family and friends also join in!

Should you be prepared to create awareness in your community / church / organisation, please follow the link to access the very special stories of the Keyser-family (Afrikaans) and/or Kenana-family (english) in adopting their children.

Let the celebration begin!